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in München
15.11. – 1.12.07


SPIELART 2007 is being presented without a general motto and without instructions. The generator of the festival - the spiel motor - is the effort and obsession to perform exciting theatre and present provocative artistic expressions beyond the established trends. This requires more or less a high acidic concentration in the program's mixture, artistic troublemakers, a climate of intellectual adventures, and also of course an audience that comes to us with actively critical, curious and open attitudes.



Theaterfestival SPIELART München
Ludwigstraße 8
D-80539 München

Tel: +49-89-280 56 07 | Fax: +49-89-280 56 79
E-Mail: info@spielmotor.de



SPIELART is an international festival of contemporary theatre art. It presents artists who are willing to risk something, who use sensuality, humor and intelligence to express what is special, lively and surprising in the theatre art form. SPIELART targets audiences that want to explore their own way of seeing things and are open to new and unusual perspectives.


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Article from 2007-11-18 
Writings from the Mobile Lab for Theatre and Commuication in Munich FIT workshop 2007 at SPIELART

These are some creative responses to the peformances. [...more]

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