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Das Theaterfestival in München
15.11. – 1.12.07


Theater festivals as a generator for a European cultural network. An initiative of eight festivals in eight countries

For a long time now, the key function of international theater festivals has been frequently underestimated, in their home countries as well as on national and international levels. They are a decisive and important factor in the mobility of performance art in Europe, in the exchange of artistic ideas and concepts, and in the transnational cooperation between artists and theaters, and they have an important function as an international "market place" for theater groups and artists and as a forum for a European discussion in the field of art.

FIT is an international initiative of eight theater festivals in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Germany. As part of this campaign, at each of these theater festivals local and international artists, politicians involved in culture, producers and festival directors have had their chance to speak and participate in dialogues. The goal was to strengthen the cultural-political position of the theater festivals in their home countries and in Europe by means of a common communication strategy.


FIT is an initiative of the international theater festivals Homo Novus (Riga, Latvia), Divadelna Nitra (Nitra, Slovakia), Sirenos (Vilnius, Lithuania), Spielart (Munich, Germany), Krakowskie Reminiscencje Teatralne (Krakow, Poland), 4x4 Days in Motion (Prague, the Czech Republic), Exodos (Ljubljana, Slovenia) and Baltoscandal
(Rakvere, Estonia).

FIT is sponsored by the "Culture 2000" program of the European Commission, by the Allianz Cultural Foundation, by the Goethe Institute, by the Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Science and Arts, among others. FIT is organized by Spielmotor München e.V. - an initiative of the City of Munich and the BMW Group.

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