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Das Theaterfestival in München
15.11. – 1.12.07

Profile/Mission of SPIELART

SPIELART is Munich's window to the theatre world.

It spotlights what's happening in theatre far beyond the borders of Munich, and every two years in the autumn it presents theatre from all over the world: contemporary productions that contain new approaches and are frequently the subject of lively discussions. It invites audiences to take a journey for two weeks and explore a wide variety of subjects, theatre aesthetics, cultural landscapes and municipal spaces.

SPIELART is communicative.

The "live event" aspect of theatre allows for one of the rare moments of direct contact to the general public and for immediate communication. And even after the performances audiences participate in discussions with the artists. Theatre experts and theatre students exchange ideas on issues of the genre and the theatre community in symposiums and informal conversations, and also deal with. And in the evening the artists and festival guests join in the celebrations.

SPIELART is a bazaar for talent and ideas.

Many heads of theatres and international festival organizers, journalists and critics saw artists perform at SPIELART who started their careers here. SPIELART has also been frequently the stepping stone for Munich artists to the international scene.

SPIELART is an initiative.

The festival starts competitions, theatre symposiums, and points a spotlight at certain countries. Under the label "SPIELART Factory" SPIELART initiates new productions with artists of the festival and provides an international network for the Munich scene.



SPIELART is enduring.

The festival is not only a theater event lasting several weeks - it also backs long-term cooperations, developments and processes. For instance, it founded the European network "Theatre/Festivals in Transition," where cultural-political and artistic perspectives are discussed and developed. In addition, SPIELART is a forum for teaching students of theatre and cultural studies. SPIELART has a long-term cooperation with the Theaterwissenschaftliches Institut der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, which organizes one or two seminars during every SPIELART festival. Lectures and symposiums accompany the festival program and offer non-professionals as well as professionals the opportunity to take part in the discussion of contemporary developments. The resulting publications provide food for thought that goes far beyond the festival.

SPIELART is organized by Spielmotor München e.V.

Spielmotor München e.V. is an initiative of the City of Munich and the BMW Group. This non-profit organization has been a Public-Private-Partnership for over thirty years and is unique in the world as a forum for the cooperation between communal public services and a global player in the business world. It has been organizing the SPIELART festival since 1995; the festival is part of various international, German and Munich cultural networks. There is a long-term cooperation with the Münchner Kammerspiele; the Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel; the Muffathalle; the Bayerische Theaterakademie; Gasteig Cultural Center; many other local theatre and cultural institutions; and also with the Goethe Institute and many foreign cultural institutes.