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Das Theaterfestival in München
15.11. – 1.12.07

Cultural Office of the City of Munich

The cultural exchange within the European Union is especially significant for cultural policies in big cities, because it contributes to the cultural self-awareness of a Europe that has common values and preserves the diversity of its cultures and languages. However, it is also indispensable, on the one hand, to invest in the exchange with non-European cultures, and on the other hand to integrate into the cultural process typical regional ways of life and their dynamic, continuous development.

The SPIELART theatre festival is particularly aware of this responsibility, and for this reason it is to one of the most important events sponsored by the Cultural Office of the City of Munich. In addition to young artists in the global theatre and performance scenes, the SPIELART festival also presents local groups, like, for example, Die Bairishe Geisha. It works closely with East European theatre festivals through the network initiative "Theatre/ Festivals in Transition (FIT)" and it initiates competitions, productions, coproductions and discussions on issues and problems relative to theatre.


SPIELART has established an excellent international profile through its work, and is the main focus of the Cultural Office's efforts in the area of long-term developments in theatre. Ultimately, these efforts thrive on the intensive and creative dialogues during the SPIELART festivals, which take place not only onstage during the festivals. A wide variety of dialogues also take place between the artists, audiences and organizers before and after the SPIELART festivals.