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Das Theaterfestival in München
15.11. – 1.12.07

Public-Private-Partnership / Spielmotor München e.V

In 1979, BMW and the City of Munich founded the association SPIELMOTOR MÜNCHEN e.V., with the support of Münchner Olympiapark GmbH. Their goal was to sponsor special cultural activities, or to make them possible in the first place. The association's first project was organizing a Munich theater festival, which at that time was almost unique. This theater festival was part of the cultural life in Munich until 1985. Then in 1981, SPIELMOTOR organized the »Alabamahalle«, a performance venue featuring an international program that became well known far beyond the bor-ders of Munich (with the help of the Bavarian Television Channel's Monday evening broadcast of »Live From the Alabamahalle«). When the concept of the theater festival didn't quite work out any longer and the Alabamahalle auditorium had to be torn down in 1988, SPIELMOTOR sought out new areas of activities: The programs »Encounter with the Netherlands«, »Dialogue with Poland« and »Dialogue with Kiev« introduced audiences to the new artistic developments in these regions of the world. SPIELMOTOR also became a junior partner of the City of Munich in two projects: The »Munich Biennale - International Festival of New Music Theater« and »DANCE«, the international festival of contemporary dance. Since 1995, SPIELMOTOR has also been organizing its »own« theater festival, SPIELART, which takes place every two years and is a forum for contemporary forms of theater from all over the world.


The association SPIELMOTOR MÜNCHEN e.V. is a stable and sound Public Private Partnership: The partners, BMW and the City of Munich, established statues and by-laws for the association (without much bureaucracy) that are solid as well as easy to administer. They share the financing of the association's activities on an equal basis, and allow the association the freedom to choose the content of these activities to a large extent. This is the open "secret of success" that has prevailed for over twenty-five years by now, and the name of the association provides a clue to its program: SPIELMOTOR - both partners are a driving force for performances with artistic qualities