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History | 1995

Artists SPIELART 4. - 15.10. 1995

Dumb Type
Japan S/N
Helena Waldmann Frankfurt Die Krankheit Tod -Marguerite Duras
Arnold Dreyblatt I Fred Pommerehn USA MEMORY ARENA
Bobby Baker Great Britain How to Shop
Xi Ju Che Jian China Die Akte 0
Ralf Knicker Hamburg Memory - Ein Versuch über Erinnerung
Insomniac Productions Great Britain Clair de Luz
Gabriella Bußacker Hamburg Glücksbagatellen
Christoph Nel Frankfurt I Hamburg Wunderblock II
Roy Faudree I No Theater USA Dupe
Michael Laub I Remote Control Sweden The Solo Project
Tokidoki Jido Japan M → m
proT Munich Nibelungen & Deutschlandprojekt, Horizontale IV: Götterdämmerung
Stücke für die Großstadt Berlin HEIMSpiele von David Greenspan
Compagnia Barberio Corsetti Italy Faust nach Goethe


Sam Auinger I Bruce Odland I Robert Ellsworth III. Austria I USA FRAMED a TRYPTICH
Jürgen Fritz I Boris Nieslony (ASA) Cologne I Frankfurt I Munich Rent an Actor
Laura Kikauka Canada Only Seat in the Theatre
Jim Whiting GB Unnatural Bodies
Hans-Peter Litscher I Dr. Iris Grünacker-Janowitz Austria I France Kunst kann ins Auge gehen. Lecture

Theatrum Philosophicum - staged lectures
D. Holland-Moritz, writer I Roi Vaara, performance artist Berlin I Finland Die Nacktheit dieser Lieder
Walter Zimmermann, composer I Hannes Böhringer, philosopher Berlin Abgeschiedenheit
Hanns Zischler, actor I Annette Murschetz, stage designer Berlin I Austria Vor dem Anfang
Christian Bertram, writer I Mary Oliver, violinist Berlin I Netherlands Das philosophische Theater


Dumb Type Japan
Teiji Furuhashi, philosopher, is the director and core of the formation Dumb Type, which was founded in 1984 at the University of Kyoto, the "Mecca of the Japanese underground" (according to Furuhashi). Dumb Type's style is somewhere between video clip and rhythmic live show: "An ambitious enterprise in acting - like in the area of high tech. Dumb Type mixes actors, slides, live music and pre-recorded tapes in rapid succession to create an audiovisual collage" (The Seattle Times).

Helena Waldmann Frankfurt am Main
After working as an assistant director to George Tabori at the Münchner Kammerspiele and working at the Schauspielhaus in Bochum, Helena Waldmann has been working as a freelance director in Frankfurt am Main since 1992.

Arnold Dreyblatt / Fred Pommerehn U.S.
Arnold Dreyblatt was born in 1953 in New York City. He studied literature and new media, as well as electronic music, composition and ethnomusicology. He has been developing performances and teaching since 1975. Arnold Dreyblatt lives in Berlin.
Fred Pommerehn, born in 1964 in the U.S., works primarily as a lighting designer and installation artist. He studied lighting and set design at the North Carolina School of Arts. He has been living in Berlin since 1997.

Xi Ju Che Jian China
Xi Ju Che Jian, in English "workshop theater," was China's first independent theater group. The group toured Europe for a year with their piece "The File 0," directed by Mou Sen. They were guest performers in 1995 at the SPIELART festival.

Christof Nel Germany
Christof Nel began his career in theater as an actor.

After working as a first-time director in Cologne, he worked on productions with Peter Palitzsch in Frankfurt, Claus Peymann in Stuttgart, and at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg. In addition, Nels' interdisciplinary and experimental works have attracted a lot of attention, for instance, the choreographed theater piece "Thränen des Vaterlandes" ("Tears of the Fatherland") from 1986, created together with Heiner Goebbels and William Forsythe's company; the Kleist project "Wortpest" ("Word Plague"); and also the Freud project "Wunderblock II" ("Wonderblock II") with theater studies students and mentally challenged non-professional actors. "Wonderblock II" was performed at SPIELART 1995.

Roy Faudree / No Theater U.S.
Roy Faudree is an actor with the famous New Yorker Wooster Group. In 1974 Roy Faudree founded with Sheena See the experimental theater company No Theater. American critics referred to it as the "best-kept secret in experimental theater" (National Public Radio).
Roy Faudree has been producing the Young @ Heart Chorus since its first show in 1983.

Michael Laub / Remote Control Sweden
Michael Laub, director and choreographer from Belgium, founded the group Remote Control in 1981 in Stockholm. In 1994 they received international acclaim with their production "Rough," the first part of a planned musical entitled "Planet Without Love: a minimal epic." As a second part, this minimalist presented in 1995 at SPIELART his piece "The Solo Project" with Charlotte Engelkes playing the lead.

Tokidoki Jido Japan
The group Tokidoki Jido from Tokyo has developed its own expressive style of music theater that is a radical break from Japan's stage traditions.
"Theater is often a frustration, and then it displays that incomparable miracle of succeeding. When Tokidoki Jido - a Japanese ensemble of approximately twenty performers - performs, this miracle happens practically every minute all over again." taz

Alexeij Sagerer / proT Munich
When you talk about independent theater in Munich, then the first name that comes to mind is Alexeij Sagerer. "Theater heute" wrote that he was probably the most important experimenter in the entire independent scene, and characterized him as a "Woyzeck-like director," who doesn't use the calculations of culture management, but rather strives for and works with his own structure in an almost monomaniac manner.
Alexeij Sagerer was born in 1944 in Plattling, Lower Bavaria. He has been living since 1969 in Munich, where he founded his theater group proT that same year. He and his theater group received the Theater Award of the City of Munich in 1997.

Compagnia G.B. Corsetti
Since the 1970s Giorgio Barberio Corsetti has been considered to be one of the most innovative theater directors in Italy.
In 1975 he founded the theater group "La Gaia Scienza," which became the "Compagnia Giorgio Barberio Corsetti" in the mid-1980s. With this group he advanced to become one of the most renowned contemporary theater artists in Europe.
In 1999 Giorgio Barberio Corsetti was the director of the theater section of the Venice Biennale.

Laura Kikauka Canada
This Canadian has been working in the area of electronic art and performance since 1981. Her strengths are in interweaving high-tech media with her individual life experiences, which she integrates into her works. Laura Kikauka stages sensual spaces and absurd peep shows, which invite the viewer to risk taking a voyeuristic peek.

Jim Whiting Great Britain
After studying to be an electrical engineer and studying visual arts, Jim Whiting has been devoting himself to working on electrical and pneumatic figures that move. Since 1978 he has been producing exhibitions with mechanical figures - bizarre and aggressive, atomized doomsday dancers, which he calls "unnatural bodies." Jim Whiting combines them to create an ensemble and crazy art spectacle, where dreams, fears and hopes are portrayed metaphorically with artifacts of the mechanical-electronic age.