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History | 2001

Artists SPIELART 16.11. - 2.12. 2001

Compagnia Giorgio Barberio Corsetti - Fattore K
Italy: The Trial
Eva Diamantstein / Spielart Factory Munich: Evening Meal
Jürg Kienberger Switzerland: I am oh so alone
Bobo Jelčić und Nataša Rajković I TEATAR&TD Croatia: A Precarius Story
Theater ohne Grenzen Austria: Sleep
Forced Entertainment Great Britain: First Night
Serge Denoncourt I Théâtre de l'Opsis Québec I Canada: I am a Seaqull
Nico and the Navigators Berlin: Lucky Days, Stranger / Lilli in putgarden
Marie Brassard Québec, Canada: Jimmy, A Dream Creature
Oskaras Koršunovas I Teatr Studio Lithuania I Poland: The Sanatorium Under The Hourglass
TamS - Theater am Sozialamt Munich: Premiere Party Without The Premiere
Zuidelijk Toneel Hollandia Netherlands: The Fall of the Gods
Christian Ziegler Munich: scanned V


Jérôme Bel
France: The Show Must Go On
Hygiene Heute Frankfurt: Kirchner Canal
Jan Ritsema & Jérôme Bel Netherlands I France: Late Night Meeting

Have a Nice Evening - Performance feast

FLAP Camilla Dahl & Berit Schweska Berlin: Fun-love-art-pleasure
Acco Theater Center Israel: Short Cut to God
Bojana Cvejić und Jan Ritsema Yugoslavia I Netherlands: TODAY Ulysses
Oliver Hangl Austria: Handinyourhead
Christine Hill USA I Berlin: The Volksboutique Portable Office
Anna Anders Munich: Touchscreen
Florence Kan-Ti-Shan Munich: Food is eroticism. Food is communication. Food is violence

Webscene - International competition

Gob Squad with Anette Schäfer and Miles Chalcraft:
The Finalists


Compagnia G.B. Corsetti Italy
Since the 1970s Giorgio Barberio Corsetti has been considered to be one of the most innovative theater directors in Italy. In 1975 he founded the theater group "La Gaia Scienza," which became the "Compagnia Giorgio Barberio Corsetti" in the mid-1980s. With this group he advanced to become one of the most renowned contemporary theater artists in Europe. In 1999 Giorgio Barberio Corsetti was the director of the theater section of the Venice Biennale.

Eva Diamantstein Munich
Eva Diamantstein studied painting at Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris and the Art Academy of Stuttgart. Since 1982 she has been working in the theater, e.g., as an assistant to George Tabori, Andrea Breth and Achim Freyer. She has been working as a director and set designer at municipal and state theaters since 1985 in, to name a few cities, Constance, Göttingen, Freiburg, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden, Dortmund, Mannheim, Bern and Zurich.
In 2000 she received a grant from Villa Alberta in Feldafing to complete her work on the project "Nachtmahl" ("Dinner").

Jürg Kienberger Switzerland
After traveling and working odd jobs (male nurse, apprentice to an organ builder, sommelier, bar pianist), Jürg Kienberger studied German in Lausanne and Zurich.
In 1986 he started to work as a theater musician in Zurich and Basel and also at the TamS in Munich. During this time he started to work with Christoph Marthaler, a collaboration which is still going on today.
From 1992-97 Kienberger lived in Berlin and was an actor and member of the ensemble at the Volksbühne in Berlin for four years. He has directed productions and performed as a guest artist in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt since 1996.

Bobo Jelcic
Bobo Jelcic is considered to be one of the most exceptional directors in modern Croatian theater. Together with his coauthor Nataša Rajkovic he works on the dramatic events of everyday life, on a form of storytelling that uncovers the exciting elements of banality. Following their productions of "Promatranja" ("Observations") and "Usporovanja" ("Slow Motion"), they won first prize in 1999 at the theater festival in Split and first prize at the theater festival in Rijeka with their piece "Nesigurna Prica." A tour through Great Britain brought them international acclaim for the first time.

Theater ohne Grenzen Austria
Theater ohne Grenzen explores the artificial worlds of animated objects and images. In addition to numerous coproductions and guest performances (in Berlin, Budapest, Istanbul, Johannesburg, London, Melbourne, Singapore and Turin, among other cities), Theater ohne Grenzen organizes the international puppet theater festival for adults in Vienna, the "Die Macht des Staunens" (The Power of Astonishment).
Martina Winkel studied theater and worked as a freelance theatermaker in Vienna and Berlin and also as a dramatic advisor at the Viennese Burgtheater before she founded Theater ohne Grenzen with Airan Berg in 1993. Airan Berg worked in New York after completing his degree in theater, and then at the Burgtheater Wien and as a staff director at the Schillertheater Berlin. Airan Berg has been the artistic director of the Schauspielhaus Wien since July 2001.

Forced Entertainment Great Britain
Forced Entertainment was founded in 1984. Since then the group has been working more or less in the same formation, developing themes and expressive forms during the working process. Using fragmentary remembrances, ideas and set pieces from old and new stories, they create masterful, comprehensive compositions by means of ingenious timing.
The story of SPIELART is to a large degree also the story of Forced Entertainment, which celebrated their first guest performance at a German festival with their work "Speak Bitterness" at the SPIELART festival in 1997. Since then, SPIELART has coproduced every important new creation by Forced Entertainment, such as the 24-hour performance "Who can sing a song to unfrighten me?" in 1999, which was performed throughout Europe at all of the important festivals; the piece "First Night" in 2001, which split the audience into two camps of those who were shocked and those were captivated; and "Bloody Mess" in 2003, the preliminary result of a work-in-progress that was completed in 2004 for the twentieth anniversary of Forced Entertainment.
"One of the most influential new British theater companies of the last twenty years." The Guardian, London

Serge Denoncourt Canada
Serge Denoncourt finished his studies in acting in 1983 and founded Théâtre de l'Opsis a year later with Luce Pelletier in Montreal, where he directed his first production in 1987.
Since then, Serge Denoncourt has directed over fifty productions, eleven of them at Théâtre de l'Opsis. In 1994 he was appointed the head of Théâtre du Trident; he left three years later to devout himself solely to directing. His production "Je suis une mouette (non, ce n'est pas ça)" opened a Chekhov cycle at Théâtre de l'Opsis and was performed at the Spielart theater festival in 2001.

Nico and the Navigators
The ensemble NICO AND THE NAVIGATORS was founded at the "Bauhaus Dessau," with Nicola Hümpel as their artistic director, in 1998 with their piece "Ich war auch schon einmal in Amerika" ("I was in America once already, too").
Starting with a guest performance that same year, they began working closely with the Sophiensælen in Berlin; the ensemble started their work on the cycle "Menschenbilder" ("Images of Humans") in 1999 there. As artists in residence, NICO AND THE NAVIGATORS developed there a series of successful productions that have been touring the world up until this date: in 1999 "Lucky Days, Fremder!" ("Lucky Days, Stranger!"); in 2000 "Eggs on Earth"; in 2001 "Lilli in putgarden"; and in 2002 "Der Familienrat" ("The Family Council"). In 2003 there followed "Kain, Wenn & Aber" ("Cain, If & But"); and the entire cycle of "Images of Humans" was presented in the Sophiensælen. In 2004 the ensemble grew by adding members from Belgium, Japan, France and Austria. With their new ensemble they will perform the world premiere of "HELden & KleinMUT" ("HEroes & FaintheartedNESS") in Berlin. In addition to guest performances at international festivals, Nicola Hümpel directed a series of international workshops and academies in 2005 and 2006, and she worked on new methods and techniques with her group. The production "WO DU NICHT BIST" ("WHERE YOU AREN'T") was created in close collaboration with the Austrian music group FRANUI in August 2006, and the production celebrated a successful world premiere at the Bregenzer Festspiele. The subsequent six performances in the overflowing venue Sophiensælen in Berlin were also enthusiastically received by audiences and the press. With its seventeen artists, this music and figurative theater production is the ensemble's largest production to date.
Nicola Hümpel has been working on her new concept for the NICO AND THE NAVIGATORS project in 2007 since September 2006.

Marie Brassard Canada
Marie Brassard studied at the Conservatoire d'Art Dramatique in Quebec, and she worked for many years with the director Robert Lepage. She wrote and adapted texts for the stage and played the lead role in his most important works: "Polygraphe"; "Les Sept Branches de la Rivière Ota"; and "La Géometrie des Miracles." She played Lady Macbeth, Ariel and Virgilia in his Shakespeare cycle. She performed in the productions of "Asile" by Dominique Champagne and Oreille, and "Tigre et Bruit" by Alexis Martin. She enjoyed an immense success at the SPIELART 2001 festival with the first piece she produced herself, "Jimmy, Dream Figure."
In 2005 she was a guest performer at SPIELART with "Peepshow," a breathtaking kaleidoscope of intimate stories about temptations, flirts and broken hearts.

Oskara Koršunovas
The Studio Theater Warsaw is one of the leading theaters in Poland, where the most important actors in the country have performed - they frequently had their debut here - and the theater offers the young generation of talented directors a chance to work, for instance the Lithuanian director Oskaras Koršunovas.
His piece "Sanatorium pod Klepsydra" had its premiere at Studio Theater Warsaw in February 2001.
Oskaras Koršunovas studied from 1989 to 1993 at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and has been teaching there since 1997.
From 1990 to 1998 he directed productions on a regular basis at the Lithuanian State Academy Theater (now called Nationaltheater), and in 1998 he founded his own theater group, Oskaras Koršunovas Theater.
Along with Eimuntas Nekrosius, whose production of "Makbetas" was performed at the SPIELART 1999, he is currently the best-known Lithuanian director. His production of "The Master and Margarita" also received international acclaim.

TamS Munich
The Theater am Sozialamt, abbreviated as TamS, transformed a civic bath into a theater. The Süddeutsche Zeitung referred to the theater as a "global rear courtyard theater." The theater is located in the heart of the artists' quarter in Munich, in Schwabing, on the corner of Occamstrasse and Haimhauserstrasse.
The theater was founded in 1970 by the author and actor Philip Arp and his partner Anette Spola, and its production of "Valentinaden" by Philip Arp brought the theater recognition and fame. The theater is part of the Karl Valentin tradition of Munich folk theater. Important authors had their world premieres and first performances here: Peter Handke, Thomas Bernhard, Ernst Jandl, Georges Perec, Judith Herzberg, Robert Gernhardt and Elfriede Jelinek. Authors who are friends of the theater write pieces for TamS: Urs Widmer, Gerhard Polt and Ruedi Häusermann.

Zuidelijk Toneel Hollandia
Born in 1946, Johan Simons is one of the most important directors in the Netherlands. He also works as an actor and choreographer. He and the musician and director Paul Koek were co-directors of Theatergroep Hollandia. Johan Simons has been the artistic director of Zuidelijk Toneel Hollandia (formerly Theater Het Zuidelijk Toneel) in Eindhoven since the beginning of the 2001 season.
Under the direction of Johan Simons und Paul Koek, Zuidelijk Toneel Hollandia has developed into one of the most acclaimed theater groups in the Netherlands.

Christian Ziegler Germany
The media artist Christian Ziegler studied architecture and media art. He has been working at the ZKM Karlsruhe (Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie) since 1993. He develops prize-winning installations and CD-ROMs together with different international artists at the ZKM Karlsruhe, at the National Gallery of Canada, the Ballett Frankfurt and the Goethe-Institut; for example, the CD-ROM "Bill Forsythe: Improvisation Technologies" (1999).
He has been a guest artist at the ZKM Karlsruhe since 2000, where he has been creating Scanned, a media environment for dance and movement. He is working on different dance and technology projects that explore using the Internet as a possible extension of the definition of the stage.


Jérôme Bel France
Jérôme Bel was born in Southern France in 1964. He lives in Paris and Berlin and works all over the world as a dancer and choreographer. After he finished his studies at Centre National de Danse Contemporaine in Angers, he danced for Angelin Preljocaj; Joelle Bouvier and Régis Obadia; Daniel Larrieu; and Catherina Sagne. He was an assistant to Philippe Découflé, the director of the opening ceremonies of the 16th Olympic Winter Games in Albertville. Today, Jérôme Bel is considered to be one of the most important French conceptual artists in contemporary dance and performance art. His productions up until this date include "Nom donné par l'auteur" (1994); "Jérôme Bel" (1995); and "Shirtology" (1997), which was commissioned by Victoria (Ghent) and the Centro Cultural de Belem (Lisbon), and was also performed in a Japanese version in Tokyo and Kyoto. Afterwards there followed "The last performance" (1998); "Xavier Le Roy" (1999); and "The show must go on" (2001). The Paris opera ballet commissioned him to create the piece "Véronique Doisneau" (2004), and he created "Isabel Torres" (2005) for Teatro Municipal in Rio de Janeiro. He created "Pichet Klunchun & myself" (2005) with the Thai classical dancer Pichet Klunchun in Bangkok.

Stefan Kaegi /Hygiene heute
Stefan Kaegi is director, radio play author and audio artist. He was born in 1972 in Solothurn (Switzerland), and he studied art in Zurich and applied theater sciences in Giessen, Germany. His radio plays "Kugler Der Fall" ("Kugler - The Case") and "Warum Jodie Foster kein Wasser will" ("Why Jodie Foster Doesn't Want Any Water") were broadcast by various radio stations in Germany and Switzerland. He produced the live radio play "Glühkäferkomplott" ("The Firefly Conspiracy") for National Swiss Radio and Intermedium2 at the ZKM Karlsruhe. His Argentinean production "Torero Portero" was a guest performance at the Theater der Welt festival in 2002 and traveled to Berlin, Frankfurt und Slovenia for additional performances before returning home in 2003. He staged a bus trip through slums in Brazil - the piece was entitled "Matraca Catraca." In Buenos Aires, he produced the piece "Sentate, a zoostituto" with five pet owners for Teatro Sarmiento. In Graz, he staged "Dolly Grip Graz": acoustically manipulated motorcycles drove through the World Cultural Heritage City. He produced the treasure hunt chase "Skrót. Krakow Files" for the Goethe Institute in Krakow.
In 1998 he founded with Bernd Ernst the label "Hygiene Heute," in order to bring breakdowns and theatrical "ready-mades" into the theater. And so the two of them welcomed sixty "specialists" to the "Conference of Illegal Public Transportation Riders" at Kampnagel. The audio tour "Kanal Kirchner" turned the courtyards of Frankfurt, Giessen and Munich into walk-in theater sets. In June 2001, over seventy pure-bred diplomats convened in Vienna under the title "Europe dances. The Forty-eight-hour Guinea Pig Congress." In Mannheim 100,000 ants gathered to form the project "State. A Terrarium" in the Exit_Zeitraum gallery. Most recently, Hygiene Heute produced the project "Physics" with two particle physicists and their experiments for Tanzquartier Wien. "Physics" was performed in Frankfurt, Rotterdam and Berlin in 2003.
Together with Helgard Haug and Daniel Wetzel, Stefan Kaegi directed four 80-year-old women in the project "Kreuzworträtsel Boxenstopp" ("Crossword Puzzle Box Stop) at Künstlerhaus Mosonturm in Frankfurt; they directed five trigger-happy young men in the project "Shooting Bourbaki" for Luzerner Theater (which received the Impulse Award); they directed "Sonde Hannover" ("Probe Hannover"), a project in downtown Hannover viewed through 40 binoculars from the eleventh floor of a building; they directed five experts for the Middle European method of killing in "Deadline" for Schauspielhaus in Hamburg (which was invited to the Berliner Theatertreffen); and they directed trial experts in "Zeugen! Ein Strafkammerspiel" ("Witnesses! An Intimate Play in Criminal Court") for Hebbel-am-Ufer-Theater in Berlin and Schauspiel Hannover. Under the label "Rimini Protokoll," Ernst/Haug/Kaegi/Wetzel, together with 200 citizens of the then-capital city of Germany, Bonn, performed a live copy of an entire legislative session of the German parliament for Theater der Welt 2002. The project was entitled "Deutschland 2" ("Germany 2").
"Shooting Bourbaki" received the Impulse Award in 2002 as the best German-language independent theater production and was in the theater program of expo.02. In addition to "Deadline," "Rimini-Protokoll" was invited to participate in the Berliner Theatertreffen in 2004 and "Wallenstein" in 2006.
Their latest piece, "Uraufführung: Der Besuch der alten Dame" ("World Premiere. The Visit"), premiered at Schauspielhaus Zurich.

FLAP fun-love-art-pleasure Norway/Berlin
The Norwegian Camilla Dahl and the Berliner Berit Schweska have worked together as freelance artists in Berlin since 1998 (working in the areas of object art, installations, video, sound, music and photography). They also work freelance in the interior design field.

Acco Theater Center
The Acco Theater Center blazes new trails in the area of social theater, and it has given itself the goal of striving for strong alliances between Arabian and Jewish artists. The ATC was founded by David Maayan und Smadar Yaaron; Ms. Yaaron has played a central role in this theater's history as a actor and artistic director since that time. Smadar Yaaron was born in Petach Tikva, Israel, and she spent part of her childhood in Czechoslovakia. From 1976-80 she studied social theater at the University of Tel Aviv. Today she teaches at the University of Haifa.

Jan Ritsema/ Bojana Cvejić
The actor and dancer Jan Ritsema and the actress and musicologist Bojana Cvejic travel along the border between representation and "non-performance" in their works. They examine primarily the meaning of the "subject being depicted," its expressive form, the immediate presence in relation to the "representation," and the exchange between the arts.
"Today Ulysses" is the third station of fundamental research in theater, which Jan Ritsema started developing at Kaaitheater in Brussels. The production, which was performed at SPIELART in 2001, presents for discussion the subject of how one can deal with the loss of artistic distance. The audience was invited to move about in a landscape of boundless possibilities.
In 2003 Ritsema and Cvejic were guest performers at SPIELART once again with their piece "Pipelines, a construction," a phenomenon involving drawing borders and a constantly changing scenario of interests: If you can do something that is valuable to someone else, you should be able to sell it to them, and if other people have something that is valuable to you, you should be able to buy it ...

Oliver Hangl
Oliver Hangl operates at the interface between theater, film and graphic art. In his performances, which he usually develops together with actors and musicians, he combines elements of theater and film.
Oliver Hangl, who began his carreer in 1993 originally as an actor and stage designer for theater, film and TV, works in a broad field of activities, where he often switches between being an artist, producer or director.
Among other things, he was curator of a video program series, he founded a museum and he collaborates on a regular basis with other artists, e.g., Georgina Starr (Great Britain) - they play together in the Pop performance band PONY - and Andrea Gergely (Hungary) - they have collaborated on developing several series of performances.

Christine Hill USA
Chritstine Hill was born in 1968 in Binghampton, New York, and she studied art at the College of Art in Maryland. She lives and works in Berlin and New York.
Christine Hill sees herself as a "tourist in society." For a limited period she slips into a wide variety of roles in the service sector. Starting in 1991, she has performed as a hairdresser, shoe polisher, cigarette vendor, rock singer and stripper.
She sees her projects as "systems of interaction." With minimal alterations of reality she provokes irritations, which then stimulate an exchange between audiences and artists. In her project "Volksboutique" ("Folk Boutique") she deals with the conceptions of service, interaction, portrait and dialogue.

Anna Anders
Anna Anders was born in 1959 in Munich, where she studied art at the Academy of Visual Arts. She currently lives in Berlin and Cologne.
She has been working as an artist with the video medium (films and installations) since 1986. She produces video productions for various cultural institutions, for example, the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn and Kölner Oper. She has participated in numerous international festivals and exhibitions.
She worked as an artist at the Art School for Media in Cologne and as a lecturer at the Bauhaus University of Weimar. She has been a professor at the University of Arts in Berlin since the winter semester of 2005.

Gob Squad
Great Britain/Germany
Gob Squad is a group of English and German artists that have been producing performances, installations, films and live events since 1994. The group experiments with different media and new technology.
In 2001 "The Finalists," the winner of the webscene competition, was produced as part of the SPIELART festival.
"The Finalists," four Internet identities, leave their traces in the World Wide Web: They develop fictional characters on various home pages during the festival by using the expressive means of the Internet - favorite links, videos, photos, and chats. During the phases of live-streaming, "The Finalists" communicate with each other and with the audience. The unlimitedness of the possibilities brings to light obsessions, self-destructive acts and bizarre fixations. The audience join in and chat along, and participate in the identity game and in the struggle for attention in the universe of unlimited possibilities ...